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Dental Teeth Veneers

What Are Snap On Smile Teeth Veneers?


What are Sanp-On Smile

 Veneers Teeth (sometimes called snap on smile or dentures alternative teeth are  so thin, made on demand shells of tooth-white materials created to cover the front side of teeth to give better  appearance. These arches are installed to the front of the teeth changing their look, shape, size, or length.

Types of Teeth Veneers

Teeth veneers can be made from stone or from plastic resin composite materials. Porcelain Teeth resist stains better than resin ones. They also look more natural and reflect the light. Always discuss the best material for you with your dentist.

What Big Problems Snap On Smile Teeth Solves?

Snap On smile mostly solves:

  • Teeth that has bad color because:
    • Previous rot Canal issues
    • stains from using drugs
    • Fluoride long term usage
    • Old bad Fillers
    • Many other causes
  • Dentures teeth that are excessively used
  • Broken or crooked teeth.
  • Misaligned or cracked teeth
  • Teeth with spaces between them.


Veneers teeth Procedure.

Three trips to the dentist is required – The first if for consultation the second is to put on the veneers. Veneers process can be done on more than tooth.

How To Diagnose and plan treating your teeth?

The dentist will start by taking x-rays for your veneers and decide if veneers are good for you.

Before the Application of Veneers

The dentist will reshape your teeth first, this would be equal to the thickness of the veneers that would be later applied.You will need numbing the area before the procedure. Next,An impression model will be made for you. A special Lab will make your veneers based on the impressions taken.. it will take 14 days for the dental Lab to finish the veneers . The dentist might give you temporary veneers at the meantime.


snap-on smile 

Applying the Veneers

Color is tested fit you, dentist will make sure the veneers fits you by removing them and adjusting them before permanently installing them. The color of veneers could be changed later with a cement material. Next, Your teeth will be cleaned to made ready for the new veneers. Teeth will be rough for the veneers to easily adhere to it. A strong bonding will be applied to the veneers before applying to your teeth. A special light beam will be directed to your teeth to make the bonding harden quickly. Removing excess material comes next, bite checking to make sure its in place. A visit is needed in 2 weeks to check the gums and veneers.

Teeth veneers Pros

Veneers has lots of Pros


  • They Look Natural.
  • It is gum friendly.
  • They are stain resistant.
  • Teeth color can be selected.
  • Easy To shape.

Teeth Veneers Cons

Issues with Dental teeth veneers

  • Non reversible Process.
  • The cost of snap on smile is more.
  • Teeth veneers can’t be repaired.
  • Teeth becomes more sensitive.
  • Snap On smile might not match the other teeth.
  • Cant bight hard food or other solid material like ice.
  • Decay of teeth may still happen after applying teeth veneers.
  • Teeth veneers are not good for people with gum debase or decaying teeth.
  • It is not recommended to install veneers for people with teeth grinding issues.

How Long do dental veneers last?

Veneers would last at lest 12 years, after which it is recommended to replace.

How to take care of Veneers

Just take regular care like brushing, flossing and mouth wash.

Avoid coffee tea and wine if you have teeth veneers

How Much do veneers cost?

It usually cost $2000 up to $12000 depending on what you want and what materials are being used. Veneers are not covered by insurance.

What if I don’t want veneers?

You can do bonding or crowns.


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